ISSP/13th Finance Commission


India Statistical Strengthening Project (ISSP) was formulated with assistance from the Wrold Bank with primary focus of strengthening statistical system at various levels with infrastructure and capacity development in order to provide reliable, credible and timely data to assist in taking sound decisions relating to various aspect of the economy. The Government of Odisha has signed letter of participation with Government of India expressing its desire to participate in this endeavour. The initial requirement of ISSP for the State is to prepare a State Strategic Statistical Plan (SSSP) consisting of both strategies and operational aspects.

The Odisha State Strategic Statistical Plan (SSSP) is prepared by Dr D.Tripathy, consultant after a series of consultation meetings with the line Departments, Directorate of Economics & Statistics, Government of India and at decentralized levels (Annex-1). The plan encompasses details of current State Statistical System, its strengths and weaknesses, measures to correct the deficiencies and the financial requirements to strengthen the system to generate quality statistics keeping in view the following 24 key statistical activities.